It is finished!!!!

Over the past six months, despite my attempts at upbeat posts and a determination to carve a positive way forward, simmering underneath has been the constant dealing with divorce process “stuff”. Overwhelming and overpowering, like a ton of bricks weighing down on my shoulders as I have trudged slowly through a sea of mud – yes, all the metaphors apply.

Now it is finished – not the whole divorce process – but at least the burden of the gathering of financial information, the finding the financial records, the putting it altogether for accountants and lawyers, the presenting it all in a logical format, the attendance of meetings, the long phone calls, the constant stress, the forever ending burden of trying to find an extra eight hours a day from nowhere. Day and night for six months!

And even though I have asked myself over and over and over as to why it is ME who has been left with this burden, and even though not once have I received a logical explanation; today it does not matter, today I do not care, today it is over, today I am free.

Today I can cook, or clean, or go and have my hair cut, or sort my linen out, or weed the garden, or write, or phone a friend, or go down town, or do some blogging.  Today I can do what I want. Normal stuff.

18 thoughts on “It is finished!!!!

  1. Glad that the six months of additional pain and burden are behind you! So nice to go back to simple chores and normal life. You must feel like this heavy weight has been lifted!

  2. As I read this post I was struck by the similarities to the year I spent executing my mother’s will after she died. Divorce is, after all, a death too, isn’t it? I’m happy you have finished with this monumental task. Play some favorite music, have a glass of wine, dance. You’ve earned it.

    • Yes it is amazing how in a crisis or tragedy, as well as the emotional upheaval, there there is so much process and legal work to deal. It adds to the feeling f living in sme art if trance and one craves normality.
      Time now for a breather.
      Thanks for your support.

  3. I too have been there..and remember the strange feeling I had when these invisible weights are removed and you can enter a new world of ‘normal’. You have shouldered this with grace and candor and made it through a phenomenally difficult time. Happy New Year, for in my view it all begins today…hugs m

  4. Very familiar. I spent the first six months of 2012 getting a very neglected house ready to sell so I could leave my marriage. I did most of it by myself: worked at my job, cared for my disable son, and spent the balance of my time repairing and painting an entire house. It felt like it would never be over. I have adrenaline to thank for getting through it, but at times I thought it would kill me. So glad to hear the chains are off – I know what that means to you!

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