31 thoughts on “Over the line……… the five stages of grief on reaching senior status……. SIXTY!!

  1. My sixtieth birthday approaches – in 15 months. I want to do something extra special to mark this new decade. My 50s have been the best years of my life and I am anticipating the next decade to be even more marvelous.

  2. Is it your birthday today? I hope you had a great day :-). I’ve got my 60th in November and I am not too bothered about it. I will be pleased to reach it actually as a number of people I have known, haven’t been so lucky. As my Mum used to say, “getting older beats the alternative option!”

  3. Girl, you are going to ROCK 60! You are moving down the road of self awareness and self reliance and you are embracing your new self! 60 is the blessing of “officially” starting this year!! Happiest day to you!! ❤

  4. Happy Birthday Elizabeth! Hope you got to spend it exactly the way you wished, with exactly the people (or no people) that you wanted!
    Thank you for the gift you are here in the blogosphere. Hugs to you!!
    Diana xo

    • Thanks and here is ‘hugs’ right back. Yes, I have had a great time and TWO special birthdays, one with my immediate family, and a second two weeks later with my extended family (and I am still in the middle of that fortnight long celebration and round of visiting people). See you when I get back home 🙂

    • Thanks and ‘hugs’ to you too. Yes, I am having a wonderful time in my month-long celebration month of turning sixty, with two special events of a weekend away with my immediate family then a fortnight in Sydney and environs with my extended family and close friends and visiting lots of people. I will ‘see’ you when I get back home. 🙂

  5. Congratulations and a very happy (belated) birthday, Elizabeth! I am so glad you share your doubts and feelings, I am not too far behind, as I will be 59 later this year. (And I would like to stay holding… on … to ….58 for awhile longer!) Smiles and hugs, Robin

  6. Well, I am a few weeks late (the frantic pace of life these days does not permit me to open the WordPress screen often!) but nonetheless add my voice to the chorus! Happy 60th, Elizabeth!

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