Almost there…..


ID-100107304.num_skymanIn regard to the marital property settlement I have recently passed through some major hurdles and have almost got the whole settlement across the line. The feeling I have is that I have been lost and alone in this thick dark gloomy impenetrable forest which I have spent three years trying to hack through, seemingly getting nowhere. Then I decided to go a different route, trudging uphill through an area of dense brambles, enduring much pain and suffering to go that way, but by that route I have slowly been edging forward. At last I have come to a clearing. Even though there is still a little way to go, I can at least now see the path ahead. The way to go is easy walking for me now and, just a little bit further down at the end of the road, I can see some light.

I am almost there.



30 thoughts on “Almost there…..

  1. You have to slog your way uphill, hacking through the brambles, ignoring the scratches and getting tougher all the time if you are to get anywhere. Otherwise, you will just go round and round in circles in the gloom: there is no easy way out. So glad you can see the glimmer of light. Press on, Elizabeth. xx

    • Ah yes, the relief of being ‘almost there’ is huge and so there will be a great party (or maybe as I am an introvert, some simple quiet time) when it is actually there.
      Thanks for your support.

  2. I always like when someone uses symbolism which helps me relate so much more to your emotional state of being, Elizabeth. Hurray!! I am so glad there is light at the end of the tunnel, that you have ‘thrashed it out,’ and hopefully nearing a settlement. Just in time to celebrate the holidays. Hugs and Merry Christmas, Elizabeth to you and your children and daughter in law, too.

    • Yes, the symbolism definitely helps me keep going at times. If I can think of myself trudging along a path but the end is in sight, then I can keep going. Thanks for your support and all the best for 2015.

      • Oh, so much better than the way some people think, Elizabeth. It will be worth the weight off your shoulders when the settlement is agreed upon, hopefully in many ways your choices and in your favor, too. Hugs, Robin

  3. Finally… a light at the end of the tunnel. Bravo for having the courage to try a new approach, no matter how painful. As they say ‘insanity is repeating the same action, expecting a different result each time’. Good luck & BIG HUGS!

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  5. Elizabeth, you are brave and courageous. I know this because a dear friend of mine has been “trudging uphill,” and she’s grown so much. I’m sure that your friends see that in you too.

    Blessings as you journey toward Light ~ Wendy ❀

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