I see the light and the light is me


ID-100207722.KROMKRATHOGIt is the new year and a time for reflection.

My thoughts travel not so much to should-have-could-have-would-have regretful reflection but one of pondering accomplishments achieved, challenges overcome, and opportunities that lie ahead. In many ways, 2014 was a long and difficult year for me and there are still challenges ahead in 2015. Nevertheless, as I approach another fork in my journey of life, I can honestly say I am looking forward with eager anticipation to choosing which way I now need to go, and I am excited at the prospect of new adventures that await me.

I have been reading others’ thoughts on beginning the new year. One blogger invited us all to think of a word for 2015. Another blogger went further than 2015 and invited readers to look inside their ‘destiny’ box to view their future. That made me think of three things – the place I am currently at with the darkness now behind me, my aims for 2015, and my future destiny. In each of those places, I thought of light.

These are my hopes and dreams for me for now, for this coming year and for my future –

  • To reach towards and follow the light out of my darkness and pain…
  • To embrace the light in the day-break of my own new beginnings …
  • To see the light by gaining insight, understanding and awareness …
  • To experience the light of new Ideas, opinions and ventures …
  • To have a light in my eyes, for my eyes to sparkle with joy …
  • To have a light disposition by becoming cheerful and engaged …
  • To carry a light weight by being less burdened by baggage …
  • To reflect the light of inspirational people …
  • To show the light of hope to others less fortunate than myself …
  • To be the light – to guide, to inspire, to ignite …

I see the light.
I feel the light.
I am the light.







44 thoughts on “I see the light and the light is me

    • It is reaching a point of accepting that, while there is still a difficult road that must be travelled, it can be made easier with a different attitude. Thanks for ‘getting’ this. Happy New Year to you too.

  1. I love this post Elizabeth and your interpretation of light and lightness.
    Keep breathing in light, lightness and nourishment. And breathing out toxins, negative energy and letting go of whatever needs to be let go of.
    p.s. Thank you for the link
    Val x

  2. Wonderful advice, Elizabeth. January always makes me want to simplify, clear out the baggage, get rid of anything that isn’t working in my life anymore. Not always an easy task, but so necessary to live a life full of the light you speak.

    Jennifer x

  3. Happy New Year…I hear your strength and determination weave through your words as I read. I, too, hope you shine like the light we, as readers, already see shine through you in your posts of realness, determination, and positivity through your life experiences shared. Keep on working…as will I and follow your progress and use it as inspiration and “LIGHT” for my own path along the way.

    • Thanks for the kindness and care in your words to me. That made me feel appreciated.
      I do hope we both have more of a ‘light’ year this year.
      Wishing you the best of the best ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Your spirit and determination to keep moving forward are inspiring, Elizabeth, and a sure sign that you are well on your way to basking in the light of a successful transition to this next chapter of your life. May 2015 shine brightly for you in every way…

    • Thanks for reminding me of that aspect – of embracing the success of this ‘transition’. Too often frustration sets in with an exasperating ‘am I there yet?’, rather than a quiet acceptance of being in transition – being between here and there. If that transition is accepted then when one gets there, there can be much rejoicing, even if it means that the real journey (of my new chapter) has only just begun.
      Yours in friendship for your kind support of me,

  5. Only when we see and feel the light in ourselves, can we see it in the world and in others. May each step of 2015 continue to nurture that beautiful light in you Elizabeth.

  6. I like all the dimensions you gave to the word, Light, Elizabeth. You definitely have some wonderful goals to live by and follow. I just imagine you at the end of the year, filled with so much more light and happy feelings within yourself. Then, giving to others, your shining light. Smiles, Robin

    • When I was plunged into the darkness of my marriage collapse, I could not plan more than fifteen minutes at a time. That soon moved on to an hour at a time and then gradually a day at a time. There I remained for a very long time – living life one day at a time. To reach the point of planning a year ahead, for me, is a monumental achievement. That you as my friend can imagine me a year from now in a better place fills me with much comfort and warmth. Thanks for your kindness.

      • Oh, I think we all have been able to see your progress, Elizabeth. You have also branched out and added some good friends to your group here. I am glad you are filled with comfort and warmth from my thoughts and words. A year’s planning is a big endeavor, I agree!

  7. I love this post and wish you all the light in the world as you emerge, evolve and become all that you hope to be… all the best to you in the coming year – I can’t wait to hear how it lights your world!

    • I was in a dark place for a while and could only plan 15 minutes at a time. I gradually moved on to an hour at a time and then gradually a day at a time. I remained there – living life a day at a time – for quite a while. So this ‘New Year’ (or new chapter for me), being able to think a year ahead, is a huge step. Thanks for your kind comment.

  8. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! Please allow me to copy your word and use it as my own inspiration for 2015! As I had learned in Kabbalah (and forgotten until now) Light is something we all should aspire to have in our lives. We should search for it, we should pray for it. Thank you so much for the reminder to search for the Light! Many blessings, and of course, much light! ๐Ÿ™‚

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