I believe

ID-100131775.AfricaOne of my greatest beliefs has always been to be part of a proactive civil society. I believe that if something is not right, one should speak out, or act to change it. As a couple, my husband and I lived by that code and were active in community affairs together. I was the quiet gatherer of information. He was the negotiator, the voice, drawing in supporters with his gregarious nature. One thing was for certain, if there was an issue we believed in, we did not let it go. We were a formidable force. Together we could change the world.

My belief system crumbled with my marriage collapse. For a long time, I could not think of world affairs. I could not think of community. I could only think of myself. I was down on the floor in a reflective haze gazing at the walls thinking only about me. I felt that I had lost my inner compass, that I was not acting on my own beliefs. I was not out there contributing. I was not righting the wrongs. I was not speaking out. I was not standing up for others less fortunate. I thought it must have been us as a steadfast couple that gave me the energy to speak out and the courage to make a difference. I thought it must have been our professed shared values of peace, fairness, and respect for all, and the unity of sharing those values, that gave me my inner core of strength. I was so strong that I was able to stand up and speak out. I wondered what happened to those beliefs that we had stood for together. I wondered whether I only acted the way I did, and I only believed what I thought I believed, because he was beside me.

The truth was, at the time when I was down on the floor, I felt that I had lost peace, fairness, and respect at an individual level. If I had lost them at an individual level, and they were my source of strength and therefore my strength was gone, how could I help others?

I have now changed. My beliefs have changed. They changed when I was down on the floor. This is what I now believe.

  • I believe in me.
  • I believe I can change the world, my world.
  • I believe I can change my world, one decision, one action at a time.
  • I believe it is taking me a while to become the person I want to be… and that’s OK.
  • I believe that although my circumstances may have influenced where I am, I am responsible for who I shall become.
  • I believe that to find kindness, I need to act with kindness.
  • I believe that to find respect, I need to act respectfully.
  • I believe that to find fairness, I need to be fair.
  • I believe that to find love, I need to be loving.
  • I believe that to give peace, I must be at peace within myself.
  • I believe that heroes are the people who do what has to be done when it needs to be done, regardless of the consequences, and regardless of whether anyone notices.
  • I believe that I can become a hero in my own world, and to become that hero will be a great achievement of which I can be proud.
  • I believe that to find balance in my life, and be fully present in my life, means I will become that hero in my own world.
  • I believe that even before I become a hero, I can start changing my outside world, one heart, one person, one soul, one need at a time.
  • I believe in me.

What do you believe in?


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32 thoughts on “I believe

  1. I believe that you are right. I’m also glad you figured out that while you may have been a strong force together, you are a strong force without him. Only you can do these changes from the inside out and that makes you a strong woman. I found this out myself after my divorce. I was strong then, I am strong now. We both can bring changes for the good of us and for others.

  2. I must admit, Elizabeth, there have been times when I have been full of self doubt. I believe, on the whole I was able to overcome now any self doubt, that means I feel mostly happy about myself. I reckon all your beliefs and principles, dear Elizabeth, are very recommendable. All these beliefs for sure make for a happy life. I feel it is good, when I can say towards the end of my life (I am 80!) that I lived my life as well as I possibly could.

  3. Only when we truly believe in ourselves and our ability to change, can the universe open up and show us the vastness and expansiveness of all we can become. Inspiring post Elizabeth 🙂

  4. Our beliefs depend on our perspective. Lying facedown flat on the floor, it’s hard to imagine more than 2 dimensions. It’s great to see how you are progressing. 🙂

  5. I believe in you Elizabeth. I believe that you ARE changing the world and making a difference. I believe that when a person connects with the core of who they are, everybody better move on over and make room for something beautiful! ❤
    Diana xo

  6. It must be very hard to have had a partner for so long and you were a ‘formidable force to reckon with,’ Elizabeth. I sometimes forget all you went through, the good times where you stood up for things together. I admire this so much and wish you had found your ‘voice’ more quickly. You have found your independence slowly but surely, one step and one decision at a time.
    You were so strong for your siblings and mother, too. You have been expressing yourself, articulately for a long time now. I admire you, you are doing a great job.
    I believe in people’s goodness. I would never purchase a gun, for I feel I am strong, I can talk someone into putting their own weapons down. I feel we must act upon our instincts to make the world a better place. We must not be placid or complacent. I don’t think it is the ‘size’ of your caring heart, your giving and generosity, but what you do with what you have. I enjoy ‘everyday’ heroes. You put together a fantastic list, many of them line up with my own values and beliefs.

    • Thank you for sharing your beliefs with me. I agree that we share many of these.
      It is interesting those ‘good’ times where my husband and I were standing up for things together were actually tough times as it was hard making a stand on issues of right against political opinion at the time. However, as we were doing it together, the degree of difficulty didn’t transcend into pain or suffering as we acted together and we had each other. This is so different from what has been necessary to go through in the divorce process because I have been on my own. I am going through this alone. I think that is the hardest thing to accept … going through all that pain on my own. However, I do believe that I am now on the other side of the ‘worst’ days and am looking forward to living my life true to myself, and for all those things I believe in. Thanks for your friendship … as ever.

      • I may not show it by being often here to tell you, but I do care and believe we are ‘friends’ and hope this continues for a long time, Elizabeth! Just checking back and making sure I made comments, sometimes I think them but don’t put them into the reply section. I have caught myself leaving what I had written and not pushing ‘post comment’ and come back to find nothing on someone’s blog. Scattered brain, end of day being not the best time to write, smiles!

      • I do that too (lose my comments or forget to write them). And I cannot get to the blogging as often as I would like at the moment so cannot read other people on a daily basis and so then there are to many to read! But you know that I enjoy your posts when I am able to spend some time blogging. Thanks so much for your cyber-friendship. I care too and am happy that we have met this way.

  7. Elisabeth you are such a powerful force… And the first thing that came to my mind when I read your question, who do you believe in… Was YOU… Because you have to know that you are being a wonderful example for many to be their magnificent self. Love from another magnificent self… Together we are all creating a loving world., Barbara x

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