I am on the bridge!!

1998-105I am on the bridge!

Life in transition has four phases of holding on (mourning losses), letting go, taking on, and then finally moving on.

I was stuck in the ‘letting go’ part for a long time and then when I was finally free of all that I started to wonder what could be next. So I sat still for a little while. It was almost as if the ‘letting go’ had become a world of its own accord as it had become my normality and even my identity for a while.

Well it has finally gone and I am taking on new things getting ready for the road ahead.

I am on my way from ‘over here’ getting ready for ‘over there’.

14 thoughts on “I am on the bridge!!

    • In some ways, I am just starting to confront the changed reality (aloneness, changed identity etc) as up until now I simply had to just get through the legal process. The future is a completely open book, which is both scary and enticing at the same time. But at least I am on my way there now. Thanks for your confidence in me.

  1. This is me waving as you head out on the most exciting journey to be yourself. Everything needed it’s moment in time and now you have your bridges ahead and even some forks in the road to choose from, Elizabeth. β˜†γ€Šγ€Šγ€‹~β™’

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