My H.E.A.L.T.H. plan – H for headstrong.

ID-100239270.PrawnyAt the beginning of the year I wrote an initial post about how, in this first year of my new beginnings, I wanted to focus on me and getting my health and fitness to a level I was happy with. I devised a H.E.A.L.T.H. plan for myself of

Headstrong Eating and Active Lifestyle Transition Habits

My plan captures everything I want from life. Good health. Sensible eating. Becoming more active. A balanced lifestyle of self, family, stability, relaxation, social connections, career, creativity, home, celebrations, and community. I decided to give myself time to transition into my meaningful life, find my life’s purpose and form habits so I could do this for life!

The lapse in my writing has been that it has taken me a while to decide what the first ‘H’ would stand for. Now that I am seven months down the track I realize my plan began with devising it, thinking it through, and researching the best ways of becoming fit and healthy for my age and lifestyle. All that happened in my head – the logical part of me.

However, my head is also the part with little voices that sometimes do me undone. Those voices that say ‘what is the point’, ‘you have tried before and failed’, ‘you are not strong enough’, ‘you cannot fight your genetic make-up’ … and so on. There are also voices of other people and society-accepted norms pushing me into dietary or lifestyle choices that do not serve me well. I needed to find the strong voice inside me to counteract that which had previously dragged me down. I did that by creating a vision in my head of a healthy and fit me, and a prevention of diseases of affluence such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. I devised my own dietary and lifestyle plans with choices that would benefit me and lead me to my vision. I believed in those choices and became committed to my vision of a healthier me. That conviction was so strong that the voices within me also became strong – strong  enough that I no longer became swayed by others or unexpected events or my own inner negative voices that tried to pull me against my choices. I became strong enough to defend my choices.

So the first step on my road to better health began with my mind, creating my vision, devising a plan, committing to it, and developing a strong voice within me to persevere with my plan and defend my lifestyle choices.

My first step was to become headstrong.

My journey continues …



25 thoughts on “My H.E.A.L.T.H. plan – H for headstrong.

    • Yes, focussing on one’s own health is a good place to start in life I think and with over 60% Australians overweight and rising levels of diabetes etc, quite a few of us should be doing more of that. Thanks for your well wishes.

      • I agree! I also think that historically women have been discouraged from taking leadership of their own lives–and think it is good to be headstrong and guide the direction.

  1. Great first step, Elizabeth. With strategy and tactics like yours, nothing will stand in your way. If people would, like you, focus on good health, eating intelligently and exercising, we wouldn’t have the weight and healthcare problems we do in the world. Keep up the good work!

  2. Dear Elizabeth,
    I truly admire your determination.
    And you are so right, there’s always that little voice inside our head whispering what’s the point, sapping your energy.
    Good on you for your efforts, I think they almost matter more than the end result sometimes !
    Ps. I also love how organised you are about it all. Inspiring… 😉

  3. Dear Elizabeth, thank you for visiting me and leaving me such a thoughtful messsage! I like how uou have a bicycle and focusing on health here. It looks so sunny and cheerful.
    I like your word “headstrong” ☆☆☆☆ (4 stars word!) I usually like a slightly different take on “using our heads” in the word: “Mindful.”
    You are on your way, friend! You can take Life one day at a time, cherishing the simple, special little moments we all seem to rush by.
    Enjoy and again, I am glad to be part of your blogging fellowship. Smiles, Robin

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