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ID-100127686.africaI have been away from the blogging world for a few weeks for several reasons and thought I would check in briefly to let you know those reasons and what I have been up to.

# 1. I spent two weeks at my mother’s place with my sister, writing return thank-you cards and sorting out some of my mothers things.

# 2. I had a knee injury for a few weeks so could not sit at my desk. All is OK now.

# 3. My internet connection became too slow and it was irritating waiting and watching that swirling little circle. Sending an email with an attachment took forever. Writing a blog-post became frustrating. Uploading a picture became impossible. So for a few weeks I gave up trying. It is amazing all the things I have achieved away from my desk and the internet!

# 4. My son and his wife will be doing house extensions. With temporary accommodation lined up but the building construction delayed, an opportunity arose for me to spend some time in that accommodation for the two months before they have to move in. So two weeks ago – like an excited teenager – I loaded my car (station wagon) with trundle bed, linen, kitchen gear etc and went off on an adventure to Hobart. It was fantastic staying near the grand-children sharing in their daily lives yet having my own space. I will now be spending every second week down there until early December.
Alas! There is no internet connection in the flat and trying to connect via phone hot-spot is too expensive so there will be no chance for me to sign in when I am there either.

# 5. I have been helping my son with some aspects of a book he is writing.

# 6. I closed the company down. That could not be done until all the financial transactions of the company had been completed which happened on 30 September. The company was closed on 07 October. That was the last step of legal separation from my husband.

# 7. I have been clearing out the shed. The 600 boxes are now down to 260!

Most of this has been business records to either burn, dump or archive. This has been a massive task for me and something that I have been putting off. It is the thing that has taken up most of my time over the past two months and probably deserves a post of its own. In summary for now, it has been a positive thing to finally start on this as it represents me letting go of my old life. I needed to do that in order to move on. I am now really wanting to get that task done. I need to get rid of my old life in order to make space for the new. I am motivated. It is the vision of my new life that is driving me to now get this done.

# 8. I have been keeping up with my H.E.A.L.T.H.plan and will up update you soon.

# 9. I have had my hair done, spent time at the library, had some health-checks, started on some early Christmas shopping, spent time with my children, spent time on the phone chatting to people, and spent some time cooking and experimenting with meals.

# 10. I have been doing a lot of reading and research. A lot of this is in preparation for the next chapter in my life. That is where I want to be at the moment – getting ready. How fantastic to have so much time to spend on reading. That is the me in the picture at the top (except I have blond hair). See the smile on my face. That is me in my element.

What have you noticed about all the above points?

They are all NORMAL things.Β  πŸ™‚






35 thoughts on “Checking in …

  1. I noted a busy life but contentment, happiness, and getting in some quality “me” time (minus the surgery!) πŸ˜‰

    Enjoy this point of life, don’t rush into the next chapter without taking in your experiences right now. Hit the pause button every now and then. Reflect and ponder about what could be, analyze your next steps….but most important…enjoy yourself as you design your bright new future!

  2. What a great list!! And yes, a very normal list. How wonderful. How exciting. I can hardly wait to hear news about how the next chapter develops.

    Spending time near the grandchildren, while having a place of your own, is worth not having a good internet connection, I think. I’d love to do that. I’m sitting here right now waiting for my granddaughter to get home from school so I can Skype with her. I’d love to see her, but she’s more than 1500 miles away.

    So glad my internet connection is speedy! (I’m definitely going to be slowing down the blogging, too; while I don’t want to give it up, I have so much other work to do!)

    • Finally the list is becoming ‘normal’, even though some things – like the sorting – are not particularly pleasant, that is normal life. At least now I can intersperse those ‘not -so- pleasant’ things with things that provide joy such as seeing my friends, children and grand-children.
      It is becoming a bit of a tug for me, this ‘cyber-world’ versus the real world. I love connecting via email, blogging etc yet it does take time away from connecting with people face-to-face and my creative time. I suppose it is all a matter of balance and one must be mindful not to get it out of balance, one way or the other.
      Thanks for keeping in touch!

      • It IS a matter of balance for me — and of knowing my purpose. I’m not “out” here in cyberspace, trying to sell something or amass a following. I’m connecting with like-minded people, who are not geographically accessible, people who improve my life by sharing their unique wisdom with me. Cyber-friendship, in other words.

        I’ve been reading a biography of Charlotte BrontΓ«, and recognize that she, too, engaged in this kind of correspondence with far-away people whom she admired. Her “set” happens to have become mostly famous–but when she sought them out, and when they responded, none of them were particularly famous, they simply loved deep thinking about living a meaningful, purposeful life and finding the best way to communicate meaning and purpose through writing (in her case, novels).

        It enriches my life–but only when it doesn’t intrude on or compromise the quality of my intimate, face-to-face connections and creative time.

        Thank You for keeping in touch, too.

      • I feel much the same way as you. In many ways I feel I have been able to connect more with like-minded people through blogging than in real life. I do not know whether it is because in the writing, I am able to truly be myself (where as face to face I feel more constrained by civilities etc), or whether it is because I truly am in a 1% category of people and so therefore there are not many people who understand me. πŸ™‚
        Thanks for being those one of those few … I really appreciate your friendship.

    • Yes, I can see the light shining quite bright at the end of this new tunnel. And – as you would understand- there is much pleasure in burning the contents of the accumulated archive boxes, and in that burning a symbolic letting go of that part of my life.

    • Thanks.
      re: the sorting, I am following your lead after the sorting that you did, so don’t ever think that you can’t make a difference even miles away. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Whew, you’ve been busy. I’m exhausted just reading all of the things you’ve been doing, but it is wonderful to hear that you are doing many things that are moving you forward in positive directions.

  4. Your normal is exceptional, Elizabeth! Wonderful revelations shared here and so excited about accommodations offered and being accepted amongst family. Lovely to be included with grandchildren. πŸ™‚ I still think logging in at most libraries is “safe” they seem to have fast service and great firewalls, too. πŸ™‚
    I liked that fantastic sentence about packing up and feeling like an excited teenager. Bravo!

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