Sorry younger generation, we stuffed up!


Sorry everyone, we stuffed up.

We the baby boomers.

Our parents came out of surviving the depression and World War 2 determined to make the world a better place, and determined that their children (us) would know a safer era than them. And they did (make the world a better place). And we did (enjoy a safer better childhood than they ever knew). They focussed on home, community, and inclusiveness and we all grew up feeling safe and secure. We inherited a much better world in our twenties than they did … because of them.

In turn, our generation fought for women’s liberation, pacifism, civil rights for all, and sustainability. We did make some progress there.

However, it seems the world is now turning against law, order, the ‘establishment’, democracy, tolerance and common sense. Europe and America are catastrophically divided down the middle. Australia now has ‘border control’ rather than ‘immigration’. WHAT is happening?

Our parents crawled out of the pits of the depression and World War 2 and tried to make things better in the 1950s and 1960s. But rather than carry on the legacy of our parents, and indeed the things we as a generation fought for in our twenties, we baby boomers took to thinking that it was all about us and economic prosperity and we have blown that safe secure world of our childhood, that our parents and grandparents left for us.

Now suddenly it is all going backwards to the dark ages. And unfortunately it has been OUR generation in leadership that has overseen this worrying trend.

Sorry younger generation, we stuffed up.

So there is the temptation to HIDE, try and normalize the abnormal, and hope that the younger generation will one day fix up all this mess …

I can’t.

I have three grand-children. I cannot have them look me in the eye and ask me in twenty years time … “how could you have let this happen?”. In my own little patch, I just have to keep fighting for what I believe is right.

I must carry on. I cannot let what is happening in the world of politics stop me doing my own little bit to try and make the world a better place. As an individual, all that I think is right and good (inclusiveness in society, caring for people less fortunate, saving the planet, and pacifism) is STILL right and is STILL good. I must carry-on believing in all that and spreading that word far and wide, so that will be the world my grand-children will know.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men – and women (my addition) do nothing” Edmund Burke

There is much truth in that.


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15 thoughts on “Sorry younger generation, we stuffed up!

  1. What a heartfelt piece, and you make a lot of very good points. However, I think every generation has something to answer for – ours no more or less than the generation that looked the other way during the holocaust, the ones that rode roughshod over the cultures of developing nations and their people over centuries, the ones who built their economies on apartheid and slavery… But like you, I’m very saddened by the way things seem to be going. Fear drives it all – irrational though it may be – fear of change, fear of ‘strangers’, fear of what little you have being taken away. Fear opens the door to ideologies that would never have gained traction if the ‘political elite’ and the ‘establishment’ had behaved better, talked less, and listened more all along. But here we are, having to deal with the fallout. I hope it will be like elastic… the thinking is unsettlingly extreme at the moment, but I feel it must spring back, and a more balanced perspective ultimately prevail. Or am I being hopelessly naive and optimistic?

    • Optimism is a good philosophy to have. Although I believe that we also must keep speaking up for truth and fighting for what is right, which you are never afraid to do, and good on you for that. Thanks

  2. The world does seem in terminal turmoil. We have the juggernaut of an unstoppable Chinese economy seemingly sweeping everything aside, Yet it is communism that is now providing millions of Chinese to escape poverty. How can that be and how did that come about?
    In our own side we now have an oafish US pussy grabbing president lording it over a crumbling economy if not a society as well.
    In Australia we are now witnessing a democratic Government keeping people that have done no wrong and who haven’t been charged with any crime, locked up under barbaric conditions for over three years. The latest is the refugees might be horse-traded and exchanged for refugees from South America by this Government.
    We do need to look in our souls and decide for change. How that might come about is a wakening up to what is happening. A kind of spiritual revolution has to take place which might result in moving away from our terminal capitalism based on money prosperity instead of cultural and communal prosperity.

  3. I agree Elizabeth. Each of us must choose how we live our lives according to our values and beliefs. When we live our life this way, there is hope.
    Only when we reach rock bottom can real change and transformation rise up. Right now we are heading at record speed to the very bottom!
    I actually trust that the millennial generation is going to find a way to save the world … They have the global perspective and technical knowhow to move the world in ways that we old timers can’t even imagine.

    • It is unfortunately true that generally rock bottom has to be reached before a turnaround happens. I too have faith in the younger generation. However, I do believe that we ‘older and wiser’ generation should still keep speaking out. With our years of experience (good and bad) behind us, it is hopeful that we can stop history (the bad bits) repeating itself and we can move forward to an enlightened future. thanks for your thoughts. I appreciate them.

  4. A lot of my client’s in counselling at present are between the ages of 25 – 33yrs and I must say how impressed I am with their attitude. They are so willing and eager to learn how to live differently from my generation and it gives me great hope, to see them search for meaning and purpose for their future. I understand your passion Elizabeth, and as long as we continue to heal ourselves in this world, we are making a huge impact on the next generation and for our children’s children.

  5. The sad paradox is that each generation wants its children to have a better life than they did, and in the process we have prioritised material affluence and selfishness. The road to hell has always been paved with good intentions.

    • This is so true, good intentions, poor execution … so i suppose the remedy is that we should go back to those intentions … of aiming for a better world for our children. Maybe this time we will get it right.

  6. Elizabeth, I am inclined to agree. In my life, I have never felt this level of uncertainty – and fear – when it comes to the global scene. But the answer lies in each and every one of us. If ever there was a time to hold fast to our values and to share those values with the next generation, it is now.

  7. Luckily, the number of younger and older people who like you don’t just accept the way things have turned out and try to make the world a better place is also great. I hang on to that and the optimism I found in the film I was talking about Tomorrow (Demain) which give me energy. 🙂

    • I too am optimistic that there are still many who do not accept the ways things have turned out and in their own way will keep fighting for a better future for our children.
      This gives me hope.

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