A new identity

A Writing Life – Image: by Author 03 December 2017

I have been very busy with the university Masters course that I am enrolled in.

It was hard going at first. It had been twenty years since I was last at University and learning methods have changed. I found the digital world a challenge to begin with but have now become quite fast at loading files, converting formats, uploading assignments; and making videos, podcasts and infographics. Some of those are for an assignment coming up next week. Once I have submitted and received feedback, I will begin to post some things in this blog that I have done. Or, with my new-found skills, I will be able to use for this blog to add creative content.

I have formed a new professional identity and am in the process of fine-tuning before I go public – stay-tuned.

I began my course in July doing four units but it was too much for me and I cut back to three. Nevertheless it was still intensive and I was pressed for time throughout. I also had three sets of unexpected visitors and some other commitments that cropped up, so I was insanely busy for several months. This trimester I am only doing two units and I feel I am coping much better with that, so I should find some more time to get back into my writing for this blog, which I miss.

Despite all the hurdles, I managed to score three high distinctions in my course in the first Trimester. I was so thrilled at that. I had a great sense of fulfillment and achievement. For all the hard work over the years I had put into my marriage, my family, my family business, community projects, and after all the mud-trudging for five years …

*** this was something for me ***





18 thoughts on “A new identity

    • Nutrition, mind-boggling once one explores the literature in depth. Allowed to do some non-science units. Currently doing one in online communications & online personas – quite fascinating. I hope you are well.

  1. You’re doing amazingly well, and as for combining Nutrition with online communications – I am full of admiration. I always love the tender, reflective way you account for the changes taking place in your life, and for your progress to the ‘new you’. You’re a wonderful inspiration and example.

    • The online communications has certainly been an eye-opener for me, so different from my normal approach. I have learned a lot and gained much confidence. Thanks for your kind comment. Coming from you who I admire so much .. I truly appreciate it.

  2. Yay! Something for you! I’m glad to hear you’re doing this.

    I, too, am in much flux and transition, which left me absolutely no time to tend to my blog. I’m hoping that I can post monthly in 2018, and also find time to visit the blogs of people I admire.

    Best wishes to you! And good for you that you’re doing something for you!

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