Countdown Day # 25

View from balcony – looking east

I have sold my house!

I know that you may think that I moved because I told you that I did here and I did move … BUT

I had not actually sold my family home. In fact over the last twelve months I have actually been – or could have been (had I not enrolled in a University course for my sanity) – in a state of purgatory (transition?) where I was neither fully free of my old (ie marital) life nor able to fully embrace my new life in my new home – because I still had the family home and all its memories both good and bad, and I was still needing to come here one week in four to ensure its upkeep. Long story cut short, when I took advice from a building surveyor, there were upgrades recommended before sale of the house (which was to bring the balcony up to current building regulations) and, me being me, I then had to do the right thing and do those upgrades that seemingly took FOREVER.

One reason I have been low on the blogging front was because I was going through this turmoil of dealing with this (slow progress of building upgrades and approvals) and I felt I did not want to add MORE problems on the negative ‘ramifications of divorce and awful stuff I have to deal with’ list. That is, it was a joint (marital) issue that the balcony did not satisfy current standards, yet I was having to deal with it on my own as I received the home as part of the financial marital settlement.

For those who have come to know me through this blog … I have always tried to see the positive and have forever been trying to get to that place of my problems being “over”. I did not want to burden you all with the fact that – after six years – I was STILL not quite “there” yet (wherever “there” is supposed to be) as there was still ramifications I was dealing with. Urrrhh!

Nevertheless, I have finally done all the required upgrades, put my house on the market, SOLD it (after four months), went into a mass panic for two weeks getting my university assignments done, then have driven north to spend the last three weeks here – to enjoy the last precious days in the peace and tranquility of my bush paradise that has been my family home for 38 years.

Yes, there is packing and other required things to yet to do.

But there is also the peace and tranquility of what has been my sanctuary. Now is the time to properly say good-bye.

I have 25 days.

20 thoughts on “Countdown Day # 25

  1. Congratulations in handling the final letting go, Elisabeth. Its not easy having a foot in both worlds. May lightness return to your step and well being πŸ’›

  2. You WILL get there – you have all my sympathy, I am also in the process of selling my mother’s house but not even in the same country to pretend to oversee things as chaos prevails. But it will all come right in the end. Upward and onward!!

      • I left the UK in 1973 and have been resident in Switzerland ever since, but I returned to England to look after my mother in 2011 and found myself staying there for four and a half years. I had to go back to Switzerland when she turned 100 because I would have lost my residence permit if I had stayed away. The house has been on the market for almost a year, so now I will be relieved to have closure. Mixed emotions!

  3. Good on you, Elizabeth, for handling everything that’s required for selling the house and sticking with your decision that you want to move on. Wishing you all the best for the future and that you may enjoy life to the full and have not as many worries any more. HUGS from me, Uta πŸ™‚

  4. Congratulations on your progress – selling your house is a big step, and whilst the delay seems to have been outside your control, it has perhaps afforded you the time to mentally adjust. I hope your remaining ‘countdown to departure’ is contemplative and calming. I understand much of your experience having just sold my mother’s house, a year after her death. There are many emotions wrapped up in a home and the memories within it. Wishing you everything positive for the coming days.

    • Yes, although the delay was not my choice, it has given me time to adjust to my new house so the emotional impact of leaving here will not be as great … I know what I am heading to. Thanks for your support.

  5. So lovely to see you blogging again, Elizabeth. I know what you mean when you say you don’t want to be negative here on WordPress and only seek closure to the past. Best of luck with it all and your university studies. πŸ™‚

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