Dawn begins


Good-bye to my haven of peace and serenity


I was very optimistic thinking that I would have time to write a blog post every day leading up to my move out. I was on 17 acres after all! Even though a lot of the packing had been done in my third move 12 months before … there was still a lot to do. So I became very busy with clearing out all of the cupboards, house, and two sheds; organising help from a man with a ute for several trips to the dump; packing, cleaning … and some time in peaceful reflection saying good-bye. The children came to help for two out of the four weekends and we had fun together remembering happy family times, having a final walk down to the river, and one last dinner in their childhood home.

My property settlement was delayed three days and so I took an extra reflective day to say a final good-bye. At that stage, in an empty house, I spent a whole day looking at the views – one last time – and one more time – and then a final time – from sunrise to sunset.

Then like a turtle with my home on my back (my filled-to-the-brim car), I drove the five hours south to my new life waiting for me.

And hello to the sunshine. 


My new home overlooks a bay and, as it faces north, the sun provides warmth all day.
I have friendly neighbours and there is a feeling of community spirit here. I feel that I have made a good choice of a place that will suit me well.

It was no rest for me for the first weeks though. My furniture arrived a few days after me and it took me five weeks to do all the unpacking, arranging of furniture, as well as organising an electrician for a few new power points and lights.

I threw away more things as I unpacked, realising that I just did not need as much here as I thought. There was also a sudden need to cleanse myself of some things that triggered painful memories. I had kept certain things in my pack up – unable to let go – and yet as soon as I saw them in my new home, I knew for certain they no longer belonged in my new life.

I was hoping for a complete cleanse of my furniture and begin again with new things … but the finances did not stretch nearly that far. In fact although this house is smaller, it has cost me more, being closer to a city area than my previous home. That, as well as the 18 months bridging loan that I had (instead of the anticipated three months) has set me back a bit. So I am sitting quietly for a while, financially speaking, and not going mad with any unnecessary purchases or refurbishments.

It has taken me until now, eight weeks after moving, that I have finally feel I can get into a structured routine, and really begin my new life, my new life as me.

Have you heard me say that somewhere before? Yes. Many times. This is what I having been aiming for from my very first post – when it was dark and I was cold.

Finally dawn has arrived.


16 thoughts on “Dawn begins

  1. Endings and new beginnings – may this be the dawn of a blessed, happy time. I know exactly what you mean about clinging onto things that then don’t fit in with the new life after all. When I first moved out of our marital home I took far too many sofas and chairs with me – my new living room looked like a waiting room! Luckily, when I downsized again, the person who took over from me had no furniture at all so was thrilled with all my left-behinds. That’s a beautiful bay.

    • Thanks for your wishes for a happy time ahead … endings and beginnings … both feel just right at the moment.
      yes, it is amazing that I still brought things with me that I did not need and also triggered memories that I would care to forget. Now I am settled on my forward path, I can better see what I truly need and want.

  2. There is a sense of peace in your writing that settles nicely within me. Thanks for sharing the story. We will be doing a similar thing early next year. The packing is underway now, but in 6 months we will be unpacking into a new house, and I’m interested to see if we experience the same “this doesn’t belong here” feelings associated with possessions.

    • There is a sense of peace. While I still had both worlds, I was conflicted. Now I have truly left the old world behind, I can move forward into my dreams with 100% energy.
      By the way, it isn’t just possessions that was hard to let go, it was also experience history. eg, letting go of records of accomplishments in previous careers. It was though I had to forge a different path forward (into retirement projects) before I could let previous history go; but also I had to let previous history go before I could fully commit to new projects.

      I was wondering if you had moved yet. Here is wishing wish you all the best with your plans.

  3. Welcome back to blogging… and welcome to your new home and community. I feel you have approached this part of your transition period with a great deal of wisdom, making time for reflection, for saying goodbyes, for settling into your new home, being responsive to necessary changes in your thinking, and all the time taking all other pressures off yourself. As I grow older, I realise more every day that we don’t have to accomplish a hundred things at once. One thing at a time, followed by the next, followed by the next, is enough – and is good for the soul. Be well.

    • Thanks Jools. I really appreciate that. I do try and take that one step at a time and do try and be positive when I blog … though sometimes it is a bit of a front really and underneath everything can still seem so difficult and a trial. ‘Fake it until you make it’. Isn’t that what they say?

      Thanks for your support.

  4. So happy for you, Elizabeth! Good to hear you’re in another transition with more opportunities to ‘let go.’ It’s like shedding layers of an onion. Every opportunity gets you closer to the core. Sending love. xoxo Sue J

  5. I’m a lit behind but good to see you here again Elizabeth! Moves are… challenging, interesting, frustrating, exciting, confusing and so much more! Every emotion arises and everything gets changed. Yet, in all those changes, what remains constant is us. How we move through it. So glad you have found a place with community spirit that matches your beautiful soul. Hugs

  6. I found you again… so glad to read you have moved on and are taking your time to process everything. I’m in the middle of writing my blog post… with an announcement… part 3 of our awakening series. To hear how we each are on our awakening journey now. Do you fancy joining again? much love to you and so glad I’ve found you again. love Barbara x

  7. I love the full circle effect here, with your first post. And no coincidence the sun shines on you all day long now. I have a feeling–and a sincere hope–that it is a metaphor for your life.

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