My beliefs unfolded

“In times of crisis, whether wild fires or smoldering stress, the first thing to do is go back to basics….. am I eating right, am I getting enough sleep, am I getting some physical and mental exercise everyday”. Edward Albert

Over Christmas and New Year, I had an absolutely brilliant holiday with my two youngest children. We all made New Year’s resolutions of what we wanted to achieve this year and affirmed our life’s goals. Coming home, it was great the first few days sitting soaking up the summer sun, watching the sunrise, hearing the birds, appreciating our long summer days.

Then THUMP! I was brought back to reality. The need to keep working is still there; the need to finalise our matrimonial settlement papers has not gone away; the house is cluttering up again; it is still a long four hour drive to see my son, daughter-in-law and grandchild; there are still bills to pay; there are still messes to sort; my family still live interstate. THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! And to top it all off ….. where did that little black cloud above my head come from?

Before I went away I had been working through my values and beliefs on my journey towards becoming myself.  Some on my beliefs to some people may seem idealistic with an altruistic flavour, but I treasure my beliefs and have in the past been quite vocal, pro-actively fighting for these in our society, and following them in my workplace and in my home. Of course, when I was struggling to cope on a daily basis, they were the furthest thing from my mind. As I began to heal, I started thinking of them again. I wrote them down. I know that it is great to have come so far that I was able to think through these values and beliefs and reaffirm them in my head, to assure myself that deep inside I was and am a valuable person, a good person; and that none of that has been taken away from me.

I think I may have gone a little ahead of myself, as at this point in time on my healing journey I need to return again to basics for a while – to focus on my health, my daily routine. For the moment, I accept that I need to leave these beliefs for someone else to stand up for….. to look after.

However, as I had come as far as thinking about them, I thought that I would at least list them for now – as an affirmation of who I am and what I believe in. In time, when I am stronger, I will come back to them to write about them in more detail.  So here are some of my beliefs…….

MY BELIEFS # 4,5,6

# 4 I believe in a Fair and Democratic Society

  • Democracy – a form of government in which all citizens have equal rights in the decisions that affect their lives.
  • Justice – fairness to all by a concept of moral rightness and applied to social justice, personal justice, legal justice
  • Abiding by the law
  • Peaceful protest against laws that are unjust
  • Independent judiciary
  • Autonomy – allowing rational individuals to make free and informed choices
  • Personal liberty
  • Social Responsibility
  • Free avenues for artistic creativity and imagination for personal development and fulfillment

# 5 I believe in Humanitarianism

  • Human Rights
  • Harmony / inclusiveness
  • Non-maleficence (do no harm)
  • Beneficence (help others)
  • Utilitarianism (greatest good for the greatest numbers)
  • Fidelity
  • Honesty
  • Privacy

# 6 I believe in Ethical Science

  • The pursuit of science for the production of knowledge through peer review and the scientific method.
  • The use of science ethically by its use creatively,  not destructively, for the greater good of mankind.
  • Protection of the Environment by sustainable living practices and industries


And now ….back to basics for me for a while ……