I transitioned to my new life by affirming those parts I would hold onto, those I would let go of, and those parts I would transform. I truly faced the trauma I had been through and was still going through, and adjusted to the still strong emotions surrounding it. From that point I was able to begin again. I found my voice and began speaking my truth. I began contributing to my family and the wider society in an enlightened manner. These are the transitions I took in the transformation to the new me for my new and exciting tomorrow.

  1. HOLDING ON # 1: My priorities
  2. HOLDING ON # 2: My resources
  3. HOLDING ON # 3: My character and personality
  4. HOLDING ON # 4: Clash of values, Justice versus Mercy
  5. HOLDING ON # 5: Wisdom,
  6. LETTING GO # 1: Unwanted passengers,
  7. LETTING GO # 2: Stripping Back the Layers to my bare self
  8. LETTING GO: # 3: Feelings of Despair
  9. LETTING GO # 4: Ticking the boxes.
  10. LETTING GO # 5: Unmasked – who I really am 
  11. MOVING ON # 1: The truth shall set me free
  12. MOVING ON # 2: Freedom. Accepting and solving my challenges
  13. MOVING ON # 3: Healing the Pain of Betrayal
  14. MOVING ON # 4: The influence of divorce on needs
  15. MOVING ON # 5: Divorce and families, weddings, and rainbows
  16. MY RESOLUTIONS # 1: The seeds sown
  17. MY RESOLUTIONS # 2: Live by my values
  18. MY RESOLUTIONS # 3: Courage
  19. MY RESOLUTIONS # 4: Adjusting my vision
  20. THE ENERGY OF CHANGE: The energy of change
  21. TRANSITIONS # 1: Certainty from uncertainty
  22. TRANSITIONS # 2: From resentment to conviction
  23. TRANSITIONS # 3: From resistance to bouncing forward
  24. TRANSITIONS # 4: Overloaded and overwhelmed
  25. TRANSITIONS # 5: From anxiety to calm
  26. THE FINAL SEPARATION: Patience and Perseverance
  27. THE FINAL SEPARATION:The aloneness of decisions from choices
  28. THE FINAL SEPARATION: from Trauma to transformation
  29. THE FINAL SEPARATION: almost there
  30. THE FINAL SEPARATION: It is signed, Ok, so now what?
  31. FINDING MY VOICE: A moment in time. Finding my voice.
  32. FINDING MY VOICE: Peace and Fairness
  33. FINDING MY VOICE: Feelings, Loneliness and daffodils
  34. FINDING MY VOICE: I see the light and the light is me
  35. SPEAKING MY TRUTH: Seeing things differently
  36. SPEAKING MY TRUTH:To begin at the beginning
  37. SPEAKING MY TRUTH: I believe
  38. SPEAKING MY TRUTH:Blue skies ahead
  39. PROMOTE HUMAN KINDNESS: Caring for mother joy within sadness
  40. MY VISION:

3 thoughts on “TRANSFORMATION to my TRUTH

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  2. This was an amazing list, Elizabeth. I was looking at the top of your page where I have read some of your pages before. I don’t remember seeing this and hope others will read this valuable way to process change and overcome challenges. (This can be for other challenges than divorce. It is a fantastic list, which includes the emotions you went through, but could also help someone to feel ‘normal’ by going through them, too.)
    I liked the way you showed your steps, from losing yourself, to awakening, making resolutions, transitioning and finally the transformation. You could be an excellent counselor while still being very neutral, Elizabeth. Sometimes we all need to be reminded “to have,” “to be,” “to do” and “to give.” I liked this very much. Hugs, Robin

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