My First Year and 100 Posts

My first year and 100 posts

This post marks one year of blogging and 100 posts of Almost Spring.

I thought I would take this 100th post as an opportunity to thank everyone who has written comments on my blog, followed me, ‘liked’ my posts and in every way possible shown me kindness and support as I have gone on my journey. Thank you one and all. I hope you may all join me on the next part of my journey. I have included below links to some of my followers and their fantastic blogs.

The blog has been about my survival after the sudden collapse of my marriage. I started it six months later so it began looking backwards recapping my initial despair, moving on until the beginning point of my blog when I was looking positively to transform my life from ‘we’ to ‘me’. You can read my first post here. It was not easy to let go of the ‘we’ that had existed for 40 years, and it took me 40 weeks to reach a point where I truly saw myself as an individual, rather than half a couple. Since that time, I have been exploring my own values, beliefs, and attitudes; and pondering my needs as a single person. Going forward I will be looking at my aspirations and goals to fulfill my life with purpose, meaning and contribution.

I leave you today with a few statistics on my blog and those links to some wonderfully inspiring blogs.

A few statistics.

My first published post was 25 May 2012. I have 141 followers and follow 108 blogs.
My most prolific month for writing and views was June 2012.
I average about 600 views a month.

The first 2 comments to my blog were made by:
Paupana and Magnolia Beginnings

The Bloggers leaving the most frequent recent comments have been: 

Diana; The Eff Stop; Louise Gallagher; mimjk; Stuff  I tell My Sister; Kristijodlicki; IanMunro; Fred Phillips; Claudia; JMGoyder; (see below for links to their blogs)

Bloggers who posted comments or likes in my first month and who I am still following and / or who still comment on my posts:

Well, OK, So Now What?
Dr Bill Wooten
♥ Truelovejunkie ♥
Jennifer’s Journal
Sixty And Single Again
Swimming In The Mud
Lessons From The End Of A Marriage
The Last Song I Heard…
Back On My Own
Cauldrons And Cupcakes
Waiting For The Karma Truck
Out Of The Chrysalis

Bloggers Who have Joined Me More Recently And Who Frequently Keep In Touch:

A Year Of Rejoicing — Welcome!
Stuff I Tell My Sister
The Eff Stop
That’s Another Story . . .
Leading Essentially
Donna & Diablo
Rebecca Herrera
Joyful On Purpose
A Hundred Years Ago
Wanderlustry Ramblings
Crowing Crone Joss
Things I Want To Tell My Mother
One Person Singular …
Alone But Strong


41 thoughts on “My First Year and 100 Posts

  1. Happy 100 posts! As you know, I admire your courage to share your personal journey with us. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that you have been an encouragment to others who are transforming from we to me. Here’s to 1000 more posts from you. Clink, clink.

    Thanks for the mention

  2. Happy 100!!! Elizabeth, this is only the beginning of an incredible journey, and I am so proud of your courage, strength, and perseverance. The best is yet to come, so, keep writing, growing, learning, and loving. . .

      • You are more than welcome, and I thank you for being witness to my own journey. We’ve come a very long way, and I am proud of both of us. I look forward to the next 100 posts and to all of the experiences we will share along the way.

      • Thank YOU for being such a great support for me on my journey. It has really helped me to know there are others who are travelling much the same road. I have seen you grow in strength, courage and determination. It has uplifted me and made me want to follow along the same path. Thanks again 🙂

      • Elizabeth, on a day that has challenged me on a variety of levels, your wonderful words have reminded me that I have come a long way and can handle whatever comes my way. So, I thank you!

  3. Your bravery, honesty and perseverance in the face of a devastating change in your life have been inspiring for all of your followers, Elizabeth. I know you’re on the path to some wonderful times…

  4. Wow! A 100 posts and limitless inspiration. You have been so graceful and dignified through the whole process that every post I have read on your blog has left me speechless and with hope to persevere with courage and strength. I wish you and your family the very best!

  5. Happy 100 posts, my dear! And what a journey it has been for you and all your readers. You are an inspiration and a guiding light with your courage in the face of adversity ( I still think there is a book idea here!).
    I am honoured to be part of your “WordPress family”. 🙂
    Jennifer x

  6. Congratulations on reaching this milestone in life and in the blogging world. Thank you for sharing your journey. I believe that you are serving and supporting many others in their journeys too. Thank you for making the world a better place.

  7. Congratulations! 🙂 I’m so glad to see you making some positive progress… when my marriage ended, I wasn’t in quite the same position as yourself but it’s a huge upheaval in anyone’s life and I admire you… for all your strength and courage and wisdom… you’re truly an inspiration and I wish you every success in every way 🙂

    Clear skies, to you, my friend 🙂

    • Thanks for your encouragement and praises for my blog. I think yours is magnificent and compassionate and I enjoy reading every post. thanks for being part of my journey

  8. Fantastic, Elizabeth 🙂 It’s amazing to think you’ve sat down & composed 100 TIMES. Really, that’s heaps.

    • I started off writing every day. I suppose it averages out now to once or twice a week.It does not seem onerous as it is therapy for me and I really enjoy it. It is also great having contact with other writers such as you. Thanks for your encouragement of me along my journey.

  9. I really had to look to find a post I had not read recently! This is great and you are far beyond this 100 and on your way to 200! I always enjoy how you have practical information along with your personal journey. I especially have loved the Phoenix in your more recent posts.

    • Thanks for reading my posts and going back and reading previous ones. I am glad that you have found them practical. It would make all worthwhile to know that someone else has benefited from my writing about my experience (and my pain!).

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