My life in transition # 6 – anxiety


ID-100131775.AfricaAt the beginning of this series of posts I wrote down all the negative emotions I was feeling dealing with my life in transition and the property settlement. I planned to devise steps to tackle those negative feelings. The last feeling I noted was anxiety. I have discovered that working through the other steps has cured the anxiety.

This is a simple summary of the actions I have taken over the past few months:

1. In the depths of turmoil, I found a place of quiet and realised it was quiet.
2. I reaffirmed my conviction to live by my core values.
3. I adjusted my vision by re-framing my transition as steps towards my bright future.
4. I wrote a list of all issues, broke them into tasks and steps; then started on the first one.
5. I enlisted help for issues too difficult to handle on my own.
6. I resolved to build foundations of comfort to create certainty in my world of uncertainty.
7. I am bringing every choice I make back to my core value decisions.

As a result, instead of sliding backwards, I am now moving forward… anxiety-free.

(most of the time 🙂 )






20 thoughts on “My life in transition # 6 – anxiety

      • and steadily In the last year I’ve learned that some things have to germinate or ferment to stick. It’s kind of like losing weight; they say 1-2 pounds a week. If you lose a whole bunch in one shot, it and much more comes back! I think you’re doing great. I wonder how you could share your learnings with others? There’s always a book, yes. But maybe in group settings or something else as well?
        Diana xo

      • Now that is a vision for the future. I had always thought that to give talks and such one has to be an ‘expert’. What better expertise than experience. xo

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