Blog revamp

Hello everyone,

I have made some major changes to the pages of my blog. The pages provide links to my posts from the various phases I feel that I have been through since my marriage collapse. These are:

1. emotions – grief process
in this period it took 40 weeks to emotionally detach from ‘we’

2. reflections – an introspective period
cocooning myself, I affirmed my values, beliefs and attitudes

3. foundations – re-building my life from my foundations up
this is where I currently am, addressing my needs

4. transformations – transforming and growing
the gradual awakening and transformation into the new ‘me’

5. aspirations – my dreams

I have also included these pages:

6. inspirations – inspirational poems, songs, books, quotes, people, events

7. separations – the pieces of my old life that I have separated from my new life

Why 40?

I was half of ‘we’ for forty years. As time goes on, ’40’ becomes less significant to me.

Where am I now?

I am building on my foundations. I have discovered is that I am already well on the way.


I have added this ‘phase’ as I have begun thinking ahead and feeling comfortable about my future. This is a huge turnaround from those very early days when I could only plan an hour at a time, or even relatively recently when I was still only planning a week at a time.

14 thoughts on “Blog revamp

  1. Elizabeth, you are one of the most reflective people I have ever met. I love your conscious decision-making and your clear strategies to get where you’re going. I love how flexible you’ve been as well, when realizing you needed to modify your plan. These different pages seem to be presenting themselves as the titles of chapters for a book… just sayin….
    Diana xo

    • Ah-ha… maybe.
      You are correct about modifying the plans, because for a while I thought that I was further through than I really was and it stressed me for I felt like I was “going back”. Now I am know that there was just this extra phase to get through. I am OK with that.
      Thanks for you kindness πŸ™‚

  2. This is great Elizabeth! Great for us to find your inspirations at different times in your transformation … and great for you to have taken the time to reflect and clarify the journey you have been on.
    Looking back on the road traveled can bring inspiration for the the road ahead.
    Val x

  3. I’m in your corner, Elizabeth, cheering for you and wishing you well. Been where you are, and you will come through stronger and happier and freer to find your own path. Bless you.

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