Foundations of comfort – time and focus




I have been focussing on self-healing towards achieving a state of well-being and in that regard I have recently read another book on life-work balance. The author gives examples of how to ensure well-being by practicing meditation, tuning into nature, reducing stress, going for a walk, getting an extra hour’s sleep at night, and a myriad of other techniques.

It became obvious to me that some suggested activities the author was applying to her corporate executive lifestyle had helped me juggle my own mother – wife – career previous busy lifestyle; and these were the same or similar techniques that had provided me with comfort during my personal crisis. The parallel had not struck me before.

Then, as I was reading how the author suggested setting an alarm to ensure making enough time for important things (like sleeping); the penny dropped.

This is not what I want.

I do not want to have to set an alarm in order to sandwich my life in between ‘busy’ and ‘stressful’ and ‘other’. I do not want to achieve a comfortable ‘work-life’ balance. I want a life balance. I do not want to schedule comforting activities into a busy lifestyle. My ‘foundations of comfort’ are not what I want for my comfort, they are what I want for my life.

With the best of intentions of picking myself up, fixing myself up and getting back on the bike; I have come to realise that it is not me that needs fixing, it is the bike.




30 thoughts on “Foundations of comfort – time and focus

  1. I’m not exactly sure what you mean Elizabeth, but an A-HA moment that brings self-awareness is always a good thing. With you in prayer and warm thoughts with every step you take.
    Diana xo

    • A-ha, that is me in a very busy week trying to write (for me) a very short post and missing out half the meaning.
      The other 300 words were about the book I had read and my realisation that this author was trying to fit her life into her busy schedule rather than changing her life. So I figured to a certain extent that is what I was trying to do, fit myself around my problems rather than getting rid of my problems (although that is not as easy as it sounds). In other words rather than occasionally going to sit on top of the mountain, I want to move to the mountain permanently. 🙂

      • The books way is the easier way; your way, takes so much more effort, because it involves making fundamental changes. (The books way, fitting “comfort” and “relaxation” into a busy schedule) is just a patch job.

        I like you, Elizabeth! I, too, am working on fixing the bike instead of changing the pedaling habits of the rider.

  2. I am reading a book called “The War of Art.” You can read about it and decide if it is something your interested in. Not sure it pertains to you but I thought of it after reading your post. :). I’m not done with it myself yet but so far it is blowing me away!

    • Well, in reference to your post that I read on the same day, I think that I have to now focus on that green circle layer of learning and growth, in order to shrink the red layer of panic and then the ‘comfort’ patches will not be needed anymore.

  3. The balance between work and personal joy is a trial and error journey. During on particularly difficult time, I read two different books and listened to three different authors on tape to figure out what to do.
    A good friend who’d faced horrible obstacles in her life years before I knew her, gave me the best advice: glean what makes sense, and for the rest of it, listen to your own inner voice; drink plenty of cool water, breathe deeply, get as much sleep as you can…and trust it will all work out.
    It sounded too simplistic, but I had nothing to lose.
    What she provided was another element she hadn’t mentioned. Supportive friendship. Every day I found a found a note, a card, a plastic-wrapped goodie or a few flowers tied with a ribbon waiting at my front door.
    She taught me to trust that things would work out, and they did.

  4. Nicely expressed, Elizabeth! I have always wondered about setting alarms to make time for oneself. But I suppose, my list making and time management is another way of setting alarms. I think the concept of changing oneself, is always daunting. It is in small increments that we make these steps, but then, all of a sudden, time has passed and we are on the ‘road to recovery!’ Hoping that setting out on your bicycle fills you with happy thoughts, great views along the way and the ability to become a healed and fulfilled woman! You deserve only the best! Smiles, Robin

    • Yes I believe you are correct, small incremental steps is the way to go. Then one day I will look around and discover myself in a bright new world.Thanks so much for your support and belief in me.

      • You are most welcome! Even when I falter and don’t show up, I believe in you, Elizabeth! Wishing time would not be so fleeting and that connections were all in our heads, where we could pass across time and space, hug and have a shared tea or coffee together! Wishing you rainbows and less storms ahead… Smiles, Robin

  5. I recently finished reading The Happiness Project and while I found parts of it helpful, she lost me when she made a spreadsheet meant to foster her happiness. You don’t spreadsheet happiness. Just like you don’t set an alarm for comfort and relaxation time . . .

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