New Year – looking back and reaching forward – a significant turning point

ID-100176056.nongpimmyAs per my usual reflecting in my journal on the year that has gone, and setting goals for the year ahead, I noticed a turning point in my thought processes from previous years.

While all the ‘good’ things I listed were personal: the birth of my third gorgeous and precious grand-daughter, meeting three Canadian blogging friends (YAY!), and moving to Hobart environs to be closer to two of my children; I noticed that the ‘bad’ things I listed were all world affairs: political divides in UK and US, global refugee crisis, world-wide obesity epidemic etc.

It wasn’t that I did not have major personal things to tackle the past year, as I have had – such as sorting my mother’s affairs and moving home which were both huge life changes. It was the fact that I am now seeing personal hard times as issues to solve, rather than as problems dragging me down.

AND, I am now not so preoccupied with my own problems that I cannot see the worldΒ  events taking place. This is a huge step forward from when I was in the midst of trauma and thinking of such things was so painful and beyond me that I set those thoughts aside.

Now … on to solving world poverty …



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27 thoughts on “New Year – looking back and reaching forward – a significant turning point

  1. It’s great that you can see the progress you’ve made in your own thinking around those personal challenges being ‘issues to solve’, rather than problems dragging you down. You’ve clearly been resourceful and proactive in dealing with some massive changes, and are emerging stronger and with greater ‘personal power’. That’s a great place to start the New Year. Happy 2017 to you, Elizabeth.

  2. I think we got separated by time and space, or busy life schedules (?) I was so happy to see your new year’s movements in both personal and able to look at world with some perspective.
    Hope to try and stay better connected and wishing you a happy, healthy and fun new year! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for your wishes. I have not been writing as much as I have been doing a lot of coming and going; and have had either poor internet or no computer … I am almost settled now and hope to return to writing more from February onward. I trust that you are well and I wish you all the best for 2017.

      • Thank you, Elizabeth. I have been well, dating twice a month a nice man. He’s a little younger and had children who seemed too young for us to get together. But we are managing fairly well, when he has his children (so far in 7 months) we spend time apart.
        Work is as always strenuous. Then I went through a period of applying for more professional positions. They didn’t pay as much as what I make now. Since social security in U.S. is based on the recent ten years of salary, I may end up continuing where I work.
        Family are all fine and hoping your family is too. πŸ™‚ xo Life is good!

      • That is good to hear.
        Interesting to learn about your different social security system.
        Everyone is covered here over a certain age on our old age pension system, and in fact you edge your way OUT if you have to much in assets.

  3. Hey Elizabeth, It’s funny how this posts mirrors exactly how I feel: Big, fairly negative things are happening in the world, but my own life has quietened down and reached a new balance.
    Congratulations on your third granddaughter, and the courage it has taken to get you where you are today. x

  4. Hi, Elizabeth, — I notice you haven’t posted since early Jan. Not judging — I just registered my first post in 16 months. I’m hoping that going forward, I can get in to check on you every month or so. Life has been very all-consuming. Hopefully I’m finding my rhythm now as I settle into an entirely new existence with a new focus. Be well! I’ve missed you.

    • Hi Tracy! It is great to hear from you. I had been thinking about you. I have been ‘in transition’ myself and therefore not posted as much the past 12 months … trying to sort out which direction to go. Yes, I must write a post or two, it is time. I hope that you are coping with whatever it is that has happened in your life. I do miss you and hope that we can stay in touch.

      • Yes — I hope to check in at the blogosphere about once/month, which is far more often than once every 16 months! The changes in my life have been substantial and challenging, but I’m coping pretty well, I’d say. I hope you’re doing well, also!

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